Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Black Orpheus, The Manhattan Trio, NJ Jazz Music

Jazz in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut!

Black Orpheus/The Manhattan Trio
New York/New Jersey/Connecticut Jazz Music

The Manhattan Trio will really set the mood at any cocktail hour, dinner party, or Christmas event.   We love their smooth jazz sound.  The combination of jazz guitar, trumpet and keyboard provides for beautiful sound in the smallest of spaces.

Regardless of setting, the Manhattan Trio will set the ambiance.

Reserve The Manhattan Trio, contact Joe at:


(908) 464-0038  or  (908) 451-1955

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Black Orpheus:
Manhã de Carnaval" ("Morning of Carnival"), is the title of the most popular song by Brazilian composer Luiz Bonfá and lyricist Antônio Maria.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Classical Musicians for New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

Harp and Electric Violin Duo


Minuet from Le devin du village by Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Presented by Entertainment Consultants, an agency dedicated to providing live music to New York, New Jersey and Connecticut since 1985.
This duo would be the perfect accent during the cocktail hour at a wedding, or during a bridal shower or a christening!   We can think of a myriad of reasons, excuses and parties where we would love to hear these two classical musicians!  The sound has been kicked up a few notches into the twenty first century with the use of an electric violin.  The electric violin is quite versatile:  It can sound quite classical(like here), or it can really rock out. 
Taped live, during a bridal showcase at The Olde Mill Inn, Basking Ridge, New Jersey.   You can hear the sounds in the background; we usually do live videos, so that our clients can get a truer vision of what things will sound like at their own parties.

Minuet from Le devin du village Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712 - 1778)

To reserve music for your very own special occasion, contact Joe at:


Phone: (908) 464-0038  or  (908) 451-1955

Friday, February 15, 2013

Let it Snow/Candlelight Dinners/Entertainment Consultants/ Mendham Voices

Candlelight Dinner Celebrations for a Festive Event!

Entertainment Consultants presents:

Mendham Voices/Let it Snow, Let it Snow...Let it Snow!

Celebrate the Christmas holidays with the style and class of a Candlelight Dinner.
The featured choir is from Mendham High School in Mendham, New Jersey.  

Our Candlelight Dinners work well in private homes as in this New Jersey  country club:

1.  Your guests Dickens Carolers as they enter your venue.
2.  Classical Music sets the festive mood during the meal.
3.  The evening is topped off with a Holiday music concert
     and Christmas sing along.

To reserve entertainment for your Candlelight Dinner, contact Joe at:

Call:  (908) 464-0038  or  (908) 451-1955

Monday, February 11, 2013

Cocoanut Woman: Reggae Steel,NY/NJ/CT,Caribbean MusicNY/NJ/CT,Steel Drum...

Reggae Steel:  Music to warm us up this very cold February!

Entertainment Consultants Presents: Reggae Steel/Cocoanut Woman

Last week we had Nemo to contend with.  Some folks in our part of the world(Northeastern U.S.) are still trying to shovel out of their homes!  Cars are still stuck on the L.I.E.(Long Island Expressway), some people are without power.   Basically, it's pretty nasty outside.  However, these guys will certainly warm you up and they will put a smile on your face with the hot sounds of enjoy and please try to stay warm and safe.

We love the sound of the steel drum at summer events!  Reggae Steel is the perfect choice for the cocktail hour at summer weddings; or those times when you simply need to hear the ultra cool sounds of Jamaica at your party.

This group is available as a duo(like you see here) or as a trio(with an additional drummer).  If you visit our Reggae Steel Playlist, you will be able to see the group as a duo or trio. 

To book Reggae Steel, contact us at:

(908) 464-0038 or  (908) 451-1955