Saturday, December 22, 2012

You're Amazing/Pearl, Wedding BandNJ/NY/CT, Music Band, Band for Wedding

Wedding Band Music for:

New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania

The Pearl Band performing: You're Amazing

Entertainment Consultants presents The Pearl Band.   Their repertoire is quite extensive.  The band goes from 5 to 13 pieces depending on your needs; such as, the number of guests at your party and the size of your venue.  

We love The Pearl Band for events like:

Wedding Receptions, Company Parties, Birthday Parties, Baptisms, Graduations, Picnics, Sweet 16's, Fundraising Events, etc...etc...etc! 

Actually, we love them for anytime you want to have a great party!  They are extremely versatile, because they play rock to perfection and they also do all the new songs that are being played on the radio now!

We also like their versatility in that they are a small band that can go to a much larger group.  The reason that they can do this well is because the band is made up of professional musicians.  These guys aren't faking anything!  No Karaoke, no pre-sets, no sequenced or pre-sequenced sets!  This is the real deal.

The link that we have provided below, shows The Pearl Band at a summer picnic.
In this video-clip they are performing Proud Mary.  If you read the text included in the description you will get an idea of the quality of the musicians in this New Jersey Band.

You can see an example of The Pearl Band as a much larger band by clicking on the link below:

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This video was taped by Ashley Haglund of Generic Brand Human Productions. She may be reached at:

Phone:  (201) 485-1179

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Let's Twist, Skyline Seven/ Wedding Music NJ, CT Wedding Band, Dance Ban...

Let's Do the Twist!

party on

New York/New Jersey/Connecticut

New York, New Jersey, Connecticut/Wedding, Dance, Party, Live Music Band

Yes, we know everyone is thinking about the holidays.  After all, Christmas is only a few days away.
However,  we are here to remind you that in January it's back to business!  Those of you in charge of choosing the entertainment for your company party, or you engaged couples that have postponed choosing a band...the time for action is January.

We love Skyline Seven for corporate events or wedding receptions.

They feature front line choreography, great voices, and a wide range of music options.

Check out more tunes from Skyline Seven

To reserve Skyline Seven for your wedding or other great party, contact Joe at:

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Joy to the World Sing Along/Candlelight Dinners, Entertainment Consultants

Candlelight Dinner Christmas Sing-Along

This is the final encore at one of our Holiday Candlelight Dinner events.  This clip shows the choir spread out among the guests and everyone is singing  Joy to the World.  

Our Candlelight Dinners go as follows:

  • Dickens Singers greet your guests as they enter your venue
  • Classical Musicians entertain your guests during dinner
  • Choral concert at the end of the evening
  • Evening ends with everyone joining in the singing of Christmas Carols

Even though we have busy during this Christmas season, scenes like this one truly put us in a holiday mood.

To plan your 2013 holiday party, call or email us now!  We have already booked a number of 2013 Christmas parties.  When we do an event like the one you see here, our clients often  re-book at the end of the evening.

To reserve your Holiday 2013 entertainment, call or email Joe at:

Phone:  (908) 464-9367  or  (908) 451-2955

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Carol of the Bells, Christmas Carol, Candlelight Dinners/Entertainment C...

Merry Christmas!

We just had our busiest weekend!  Many of our bigger clients had scheduled their holiday parties this past weekend.  Starting on Friday night we were driving from one place to the other to ensure that all our entertainment and entertainers were perfect!   Everything went off without a hitch.  All had a wonderful time, thankfully.  
The video clip above shows one of our choirs at a Candlelight Dinner event.  This is a new choir for Entertainment Consultants.  Out of the many high school choirs that we auditioned this is the one that was chosen!  We know we made the right choice...just listen to them.

To reserve entertainment for your 2013 holiday events, contact Joe at:

Phone:  (908) 464-0038  or  (908) 451-1955

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Rob Paparozzi and the Honeydrippers: Linus and Lucy, Live Bands NJ, Ent...

Rob Paparozzi and the Honeydrippers

Linus and Lucy


From Entertainment Consultants

This was taped December 14, 2012 at a birthday party.  The party went well into the evening and everyone had a wonderful night.  The dance floor was packed!  

We love this group for all types of parties:  weddings, corporate events, fundraisers, birthday parties(like this one), graduation name the event...these guys will ensure that the music gets everyone up and dancing!

To book Rob Paparozzi and the Honeydrippers, contact Joe at:

Phone:  (908) 464-0038   or  (908) 451-1955

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Enjoy a Victorian Christmas

Happy Christmas!

Enjoy the sounds of the season with our Dickens Carolers.

We taped this live at a New Jersey Country Club.  You might hear
some sounds in the background.  They are the sounds of merrymaking and having an overall good time.

It is too late to reserve this group for 2012...but if you act soon(like now) you may book them for Christmas 2013.  

To reserve this group for your 2013 Holiday Parties, contact Joe at:

Phone:  (908) 451-1955   or  (908) 464-0038

Friday, December 7, 2012

Walking in a Winter Wonderland, Holiday Party Music, Christmas Jazz, Cor...

Holiday Magic Happens!

...When you reserve The Two Bobs  for your holiday happenings.  We love them for cocktail parties, office parties or as that special accent for your family gatherings!

To book your Christmas music, call or email NOW!  

Phone:  (908) 464-0038   or  (908) 451-1955

Thursday, December 6, 2012

NJ Jazz Quartet, Billy's Bounce, Entertainment Consultants, Music New Je...

The Joe Verrusio Four

The group is performing Billy's Bounce; a jazz standard composed by Charlie Parker in 1945.

We taped this live at the Olde Mill Inn in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.  The gentleman playing the trumpet(in costume) had been playing fanfares as each guest entered the building.  When it was discovered that he was a jazz musician, he was invited to sit in with the Joe Verrusio Trio.

We love this small group as the antidote to extremely loud music.  This is the group to reserve for a cocktail hour reception or for dinner music.  These are the guys to get when you want to have intimate conversation at your event.

To reserve The Joe Verrusio Four(or Three) for your party, contact Joe at:

Phone:  (908) 464-0038   or   (908) 451-1955

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

NJ Jazz Duet: Joe Verrusio & Mark Aaron James; When You Wish Upon a Star

"When You Wish Upon a Star"
performed by:
Jazz Guitarist:  Joe Verrusio          Vocalist:  Mark Aaron James

To reserve this talented duo for your next event, contact us at:

Phone:  (908) 451-1955  or  (908) 464-0038

We taped this live at a local(NJ) party.

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Oktoberfest: The Devil Went Down to Georgia, Entertainment Consultants

Oktoberfest Celebrations in New Jersey!

Yes, we know that 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia' is not exactly an Oktoberfest tune, however, these guys sound so terrific that we just had to share!  

To reserve this group for your Oktoberfest celebrations in 2013, contact Joe at:

Phone:  (908) 464-0038      or       (908) 451-1955

Monday, October 1, 2012

~!Wedding Band NJ/Dynomite/Uptown Rhythm/Wedding Music

Uptown Rhythm plays Dynomite!

Hey, check out these guys.  They really get the crowd going at this bridal showcase!  Can you imagine how they'll get your party started and keep it going well into the wee hours!

To reserve this band, contact Joe at:

Phone:  (908) 464-0038  or  (908) 451-1955

Thursday, September 27, 2012

There Will Never be Another You/Jazz Trio/Joe Verrusio Trio/Jazz Music

The Joe Verrusio Trio,  There Will Never Be Another You

Featuring:  Paul Grabow on saxophone and flute, Roy Cumming on upright bass, and Joe Verrusio on guitar.

Why not bring a little class to your next party!  If you want to hear more of the same, click  on the following links:.  

To reserve this trio for your next event, contact Joe at:
Phone:  (908) 464-0038   or   (908) 451-1955

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Italian Music (playlist)

How about some Italian Music today!  Here we have Nick doing two songs:  O Sole Mio and Santa Lucia.

Nick D.  plays the mandolin, the guitar and sings in Italian.  He also sings in English.

To reserve Nick for your special Italian Night, contact Joe at:

Phone: (908) 451-1955     or    (908) 464-0038

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Christmas Music (playlist)

Jazz/Dickens Carolers

This is our Christmas playlist(so far).  We also have a variety of high school choirs that we hire.
We do not put these choirs on YouTube because most of the singers are minors.

To plan for your holiday entertainment, contact Joe at:


Phone:  (908)464-0038    or   (908)451-1955

I Saw Three Ships, Dickens Carolers, Christmas Carols, Music New Jersey

I Saw Three Ships, Dickens Carolers

Yes, we are definitely thinking about Christmas and Halloween isn't even here yet!
But if you need music for your party, you have to act fast!

To reserve your Christmas entertainment, contact Joe at:

Phone:  (908)464-0038     or    (908)451-1955

Here We Come A-wassaling, Dickens Carolers, Christmas Party Entertainment

Here We Come A-wassailing, Dickens Carolers

To reserve your holiday entertainment, contact Joe at:

Phone:  (908)464-0038   or   (908)451-1955

Deck The Halls, Dickens Carolers, Holiday Party Music/Entertainers/Chris...

Dickens Carolers, Deck the Halls

It's September!  This is the time to plan for your holiday's a great accent to any Christmas event. More selections to follow.

To reserve your holiday entertainment, contact Joe at:

Phone:  (908)451-1955    or    (908)464-0038

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Strictly Jazz (playlist)

For Jazz lovers out there!

Those of you thinking ahead to upcoming holiday party planning need to consider some of my small Jazz groups.  We can book duos, trios, quartets, quintets!  All of our Jazz musicians are talented and professional.

To book any one of our musicians, contact Joe at:

Call:  (908)464-0038    or (908)451-1955

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Electric Violinist, Violinist, Wedding, Meditation de Thais, Massenet S...

Electric Violinist, Susan H.

Performing Meditation de Thais, by Jules Massenet.  We think that Susan would be perfect for your elegant event.  Perfect for cocktail party, employee party, wedding ceremony, or anytime you simply want to hear beautiful music.

To hire Susan for your next party, contact Joe at:
Phone:  (908)464-0038     or    (908)451-1955

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Harp and Electric Violin Duo/Air, Johann Sebastian Bach/Wedding Ceremony...

Harp and Electric Violin Duo

Tony S. on the harp, and Susan H. on the electric violin.  These two talented ladies are playing Air in G, by Johann Sebastian Bach.  He composed this music for Prince Leopold of Anhalt(his sponsor), sometime between 1717 and 1723.  Air is the second movement from Johann Sebastian Bach's Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D major.

Taped live at The Olde Mill Inn in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.

To book these two ladies, contact Joe at:

Phone:  (908)464-0038      

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wedding Music, Electric Violinist, Violinist NY/NJ/CT, Lord of the Dance

Electric Violinist performing Lord of the Dance, by Ronan Hardiman.

Susan H.  playing The Lord of the Dance.

To book Susan, contact Joe at:
Phone:  (908)464-0038  \

Electric Violinist/Olde Mill Inn/Autumn Leaves/Susan H./Wedding Ceremony...

Electric Violinist, Susan H.  at The Olde Mill Inn, Basking Ridge, New Jersey.

Susan performed live at the Bridal Showcase held at The Olde Mill Inn on Thursday, July 19.  In this video she is playing Autumn Leaves.

  Autumn Leaves was composed in 1945 by Joseph Kosma.  Originally titled "Les
feuiles mortes,"  literal translation is "The Dead Leaves."  The English lyrics were written in 1947 by Johnny Mercer.

To book Susan for your next elegant event, contact Joe at:

Phone:  (908)464-0038

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pearl, Let The Good Times Roll,Blues Medley/ The Blues


Taped at the Independence Day Picnic at a New Jersey country club.  In this clip Pearl is performing a blues medley.  Some of the finest Jazz musicians from the New York area are featured.  This group is pure talent.

To book Pearl, contact Joe at:
Phone:  (908)464-0038

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

!A Wedding Band/Pearl/Olde Mill Inn Showcase/Wedding Music


Here we have Pearl performing as a five piece group.  This is the core band.  In this six minute clip you will hear them play four songs:  You're Amazing, Don't Stop Believing, Gonna Miss You(the Stones), and The Way You Look Tonight.  When they perform The Way You Look Tonight, you will see professional dancers from The Arthur Murray Dance Studio(Greenbrook, NJ); they are performing what would be a typical first dance at your wedding.

To book Pearl, contact Joe at:
Phone:  (908)464-0038

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

!1A Rock Band: PEARL/Proud Mary, Party Band, Dance Band, Live Wedding Band

Pearl Band

Check these guys out:  This band includes a Grammy nominated musician as well as the Yankee Stadium organist!  We taped this live at a New Jersey country club.

To book the Pearl Band, contact Joe at:
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Reggae Steel/Steel Drum Group/Cocoanut Woman

For those of you still planning those summer parties:  graduations, picnics, family reunions, birthday celebrations...etc.  You can really up your cool factor by having these guys at your celebration!

To book Reggae Steel, contact Joe at:
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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Springsteen Tribute Band, Rock Band, B-Street Band /Jersey Girl/Bobby Jean

We think this band is perfect for any number of events:  Birthday parties, charity events, graduations and any type of celebration where you want to have a great time.
Here we had them as strictly playing The Boss, but they play anything that rocks!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bruce Springsteen Tribute Band/Cover Band/B-Street Band/Glory Days

I know the video is hard to see, we simply could not get a better angle to shoot this band.  This was a great private party!  Might I suggest you book this band for a birthday party!
Know anyone turning 40 or 50!! How about booking these guys as a surprise.
You may book this band by contacting Joe at:
Phone:  (908)464-0038
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Monday, June 11, 2012

Wedding Singer, Corporate Event, Fundraisers, Music for Wedding/Carla V...

Carla is perfect for smaller parties, she has a very beautiful voice.  She also dj's.
To book Carla contact us  at:
Phone:  (908)464-0038
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Italian Wedding Singer Carla/Godfather

Perfect for fundraisers, corporate events, cocktail parties.  Carla has such a beautiful voice,  she sings in English, Spanish and Italian.
Carla does the 'one-man band'(woman actually!) like you see here or dj's herself.  Whichever you choose, when you book Carla your party will be wonderful!
Call:  (908)464-0038   or Email:

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Perfect Wedding Band

Today I am highlighting one of our more versatile bands. I have titled this blog 'the perfect band' because these guys really can play anything; and they sound great! They are called Skyline Seven. 

 If you are planning a wedding in the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut/Pennsylvania area, consider booking this group.

 I have divided the songs into mini-clips of  music for your wedding or party. They range in length from 35 seconds to just over one minute.  Click on each song, and the link will direct you to our YouTube Channel.

 Skyline Seven: Let's Do the Twist

The first step in booking Skyline Seven is to e-mail us or call us to see if they are available for your date.  

E-mail:         Phone:  (908)464-0038

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Wedding Music, Music for Wedding, Wedding Ceremony Music,Lord of the Dan...

Wedding Music, Music for Wedding, Wedding Ceremony Music,Lord of the Dan...

This is one of our very gifted musicians.  Her name is Susan H.  You hear her performing Lord of the Dance by Ronan Hardiman.  She is playing the electric violin.  We like the  sound she gets by playing the electric violin rather than an acoustic violin.  For your party she can play either: electric, acoustic or both!

To book Susan, contact us at:

Electric Violinist/Wedding Entertainment

Saturday, April 21, 2012

How to choose the right band for your party.

So you're having a party.  You want live or dj?  How do you decide?

There are a number of factors you need to consider:

1.  Where will you have the party?
2.  How many guests?
3.  What is the cause for your celebration?
4.  What is your budget?

1. size of venue - Your party venue is very important in choosing your entertainment.  If your venue can accommodate 400 guests, a dj or a small band would be overwhelmed in such a large room.
You would need to consider a larger band or orchestra.  If you are concerned that the band could not play everything that your guests want then you may want to add a dj to the mix.
However,  any good band will take requests; note, also, that a great band will learn songs that you request.  Remember to give them plenty of notice with your requests.  Try to be reasonable with your demands.

2.  # of guests - If you have 500 guests in attendance, a 5-piece band will not be large enough!
You need to consider the number of guests and choose the band accordingly.  

3.  what are we celebrating? - A backyard picnic does not require a big band.  If the event is a small home party, then one or two musicians should suffice.  Some options for a small party could be:  jazz duo or single, steel drummer, a singing guitarist, classical guitarist, one-man band, harpist, or a dj.   If you are having a large event, however,  a larger band or orchestra will be needed.  

4.  Budget$$ -  Figure out a budget and stick to it.  When you are working with a reputable agent let them know how much you want to spend.  A knowledgeable booking agent will have enough talent at his disposal to accommodate your needs.  Do not let an agent talk you into something you neither need or want!  A reputable entertainment agency will listen to your needs.

You need an honest, reputable  agency.
Call Entertainment Consultants   Phone:  (908)464-0038  
They have been providing quality entertainment in the New York Metropolitan area since 1985.

The follwing links will connect you with their YouTube and Facebook pages.

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