Saturday, October 26, 2013

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Guitarist/Vocalist, Michael Andrew sings

 "Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight"

Entertainment Consultants presents the laid back sounds of Michael Andrew.

Michael returns us back to the days of our youth with this great rendition of a James Taylor classic, 'Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight.

Sometimes the simple is better; such is the case here...a singer and a guitar.
Michael is quite popular for happy hour and beyond.  He brings back those mellow songs we remember and love...sometimes the crowd even sings along with him.

He performs for private events too, such as a birthday, anniversary, picnic, baptisms, bar/bat mitzvahs, communions, etc.

There is nothing like live music and entertainment to bring life to a party!

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Friday, October 18, 2013

#Adding #Annotations & #Subscription #Links to your #YouTube #Videos

How to Add Annotation & Subscription Links to your YouTube Videos

Why use annotations?

We have noticed that some of our friends fail to use some very useful tools that YouTube provides.  Hopefully this video and explanation will get you to consider the importance of annotations, and get you to use them.

Annotations can be quite useful in conveying to your viewer information they would otherwise miss.  They are vital to anyone who runs a business and uses YouTube to showcase their product.

Most people coming to a YouTube video, want short & sweet!  No one wants to spend a lifetime watching a video, they simply do not have the time.  Unless your video is worthy of an Academy Award, your viewer will not scroll over to the 'About' section to learn more.

How do you give your viewers the information they need to contact you, to subscribe to your channel, upcoming events, item names or id numbers?  You  have the option to include all of this information in your 'description', and you should do so.  The problem with just using the description option is that most visitors to your YouTube channel will never delve that far into the page.  In addition, if you are linking your video to Facebook or Google+, the description never comes up.  The only thing that shows up is the video!  If you use the annotations feature, you have the ability to put all relevant information on the video itself.  If the viewer doesn't want to see it, they can click it away.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

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Liechtensteiner Polka , Oktoberfest Orchestra for NY/NJ/CT

 "Liechtensteiner Polka"  performed during Oktoberfest Celebrations for Entertainment Consultants and Music New Jersey.

Those of you planning fun events for the Fall, should consider our Oktoberfest musicians for your party.  These guys plan an entire series of German themed games for your guests' enjoyment.  They alternate the music by playing traditional Saxon folk songs and more modern fare.

We like to shoot our videos right where the action is.  This performance was at a country club in New Jersey.  Immediately in front of the bandstand people were dancing and singing(trying to) .  This was an evening where a good time was had by all!

The only place we could shoot the video was on the sidelines.  We're not entirely happy with the look or the sound, because of where we had to stand.  However, the fun factor of this group of musicians comes through loud and clear.

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From Wikipedia:

Will Glahé (February 12, 1902 -- November 21, 1989), was a German accordionist, composer, and bandleader.  Glahé was born at Elberfeld. In the 1930s, he was, along with Heinz Munsonius and Albert Vossen, one of the most successful accordionists in Germany. He led his own orchestra from 1932 and became successful particularly in popular music.

One of his most famous songs in Germany was his 1936 recording of "Rosamunde" (a German female forename), a cover version of the song "Škoda lásky" ("Wasted Love") by Jaromir Vejvoda. Under the title "Beer Barrel Polka", the tune hit #1 on the Hit Parade in the United States in 1939. After World War II he was known as the "Polka King" in the U.S., and did both big band and folk music arrangements with his orchestra.

His "Liechtensteiner Polka" was also a hit in the U.S., hitting #16 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1957. The follow-up single "Sweet Elizabeth" (1958) appeared in all major U.S. charts, nearing the top 40 in Cashbox and Music Vendor.
He died in Rheinbreitbach.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

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Idol Kings perform outdoor concert in Parsippany

"Lonely Ol' Night," The Idol Kings, Tribute Band, John Cougar Mellencamp & Journey

Live in Parsippany

In the warm summer months, you can find concerts all throughout the states of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Those of us living in the New York Metropolitan Area need to be outdoors as much as possible during the warm months of June, July and August. 
We videotaped this Rock Tribute Band during one such concert.

We were pretty far from the bandstand, yet the sound on our camera still comes through nicely. When you hire this tribute band, they perform two sets per evening.  They are available for concerts, corporate events, holiday parties, weddings.  Their repertoire is extensive, and the musicians are very talented.  Check out the guitar solo towards the end of this song.

The sets are as follows:

The first set of the evening was John Cougar Mellenamp: 
They dress like the band, and sound just like them. You can hear their voices harmonize quite well. The lead singer in this set sounds just like John Cougar Mellencamp!

The second set on this particular evening was devoted to Journey:
For this set, the lead singers switch. Some of the band members will play a different instrument, and they all change their clothing and appearance to look like the rock band, Journey.

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Lonely Ol' Night
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Lonely Ol' Night"
Single by John Cougar Mellencamp

from the album Scarecrow

Writer: John Mellencamp

"Lonely Ol' Night" is a rock song written and performed by singer-songwriter John Mellencamp as John Cougar Mellencamp. 
It appeared on his 1985 album Scarecrow, and was released as a single, peaking at number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100. 
It also reached number 1 on the Top Rock Tracks chart, staying at the top spot for five weeks.