Saturday, April 21, 2012

How to choose the right band for your party.

So you're having a party.  You want live or dj?  How do you decide?

There are a number of factors you need to consider:

1.  Where will you have the party?
2.  How many guests?
3.  What is the cause for your celebration?
4.  What is your budget?

1. size of venue - Your party venue is very important in choosing your entertainment.  If your venue can accommodate 400 guests, a dj or a small band would be overwhelmed in such a large room.
You would need to consider a larger band or orchestra.  If you are concerned that the band could not play everything that your guests want then you may want to add a dj to the mix.
However,  any good band will take requests; note, also, that a great band will learn songs that you request.  Remember to give them plenty of notice with your requests.  Try to be reasonable with your demands.

2.  # of guests - If you have 500 guests in attendance, a 5-piece band will not be large enough!
You need to consider the number of guests and choose the band accordingly.  

3.  what are we celebrating? - A backyard picnic does not require a big band.  If the event is a small home party, then one or two musicians should suffice.  Some options for a small party could be:  jazz duo or single, steel drummer, a singing guitarist, classical guitarist, one-man band, harpist, or a dj.   If you are having a large event, however,  a larger band or orchestra will be needed.  

4.  Budget$$ -  Figure out a budget and stick to it.  When you are working with a reputable agent let them know how much you want to spend.  A knowledgeable booking agent will have enough talent at his disposal to accommodate your needs.  Do not let an agent talk you into something you neither need or want!  A reputable entertainment agency will listen to your needs.

You need an honest, reputable  agency.
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