Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Classical Musicians in New Jersey performing a Waltz


Imagine dining to this classical quintet.  We simply love the charm and elegance that this quintet brings to a celebration.  In this particular case, the event was a Christmas Candlelight Dinner.

Our Candlelight Dinner consists of the following:

Dickens Singers:  Will serenade your guests as they arrive at your party.  Later as the             
                           evening progresses, they stroll through the various rooms.

Classical Musicians:  Such as the ones you see and hear in this video clip, perform 
                           during dinner.  

Choir:  We bring in a high quality choir to perform a concert for you and your guests to                      
                           enjoy.  When the concert ends, your guests are invited to join the choir      
                           in a holiday sing-along.

The entire evening recharges everyone with the joys of the holiday season.

To plan your own Candlelight Dinner, contact Joe Verrusio at:

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This was taped live at  a Candlelight Dinner celebration this past Christmas.

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