Monday, November 11, 2013

Carol of the Bells, Christmas Carol, Candlelight Dinners/Entertainment C...

Merry Christmas!

Entertainment Consultants features this very talented group of High School singers.
They were performing at a Candlelight Dinner event at a New Jersey country club.

Our Candlelight Dinners feature Dickens Carolers in the lobby or as your guests enter your venue...followed by a classical group of musicians as an accompaniment to dinner...when dessert is served: a local high school choir will perform.

The students in these choirs have to audition in their local high schools to be part of this select group of singers, then  we audition a number of high school choirs before we select the ones that will be hired by us.  We only offer jobs to the very best choirs.

Note:  Please excuse the clicking sound that you hear.  When we tape events we try not to disturb the guests or singers.  We use very small cameras; the clicking is the sound the camera makes when you try to adjust the lens.

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