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Hot NYC Dance Band Gets the Party Started!

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Downtown Groove -- Medley of  16 Songs

Hot NYC dance band, performing spot on covers of a wide range of music from 50's, 60's 70's, to ethnic music all the way to the most current hits you find at the top of today's charts!

One of our latest live music bands.  Our customers have been asking for smaller bands and groups. We heard you loud and clear...so here they are!  Sometimes, when you are planning a wedding or a small party, there simply isn't enough space for a 12+ piece orchestra.  For those times when space is tight, and for those times when the budget is even tighter.

These guys are the antidote to the dj/band dilemma.  Your parents want the class and elegance of a live band, you want to hear the songs just like they sound on the radio!  The female lead of this group (Carla) is a dj.  We call her a keejay, because she plays the keyboard, sings and dj's at the same event.  It's a great option, which will please young and old, alike.

The link below is the link to our KeeJay videos.

"Call Me Maybe"   -    http://youtu.be/og8WaY2BHjM
"Godfather Theme"   - http://youtu.be/aq_IbT9ocEA
"The Power of Love"   -  http://youtu.be/V3N-4uqa5Cg

This band can, also, be booked as a three to seven piece group.  The group that is featured in this video is a four piece band.  If you were to add members to this group you would add horns.

The songs included in this video are as follows:
1.  I'm all Shook up, Elvis Presley, do-wop classic.
2.  My Girl, Motown classic.
3.  Heaven Must be Missing an Angel,Disco Classic.
4.  Heaven Knows, Donna Summer Classic.
5.  The Prayer, song made famous by Celine Dion
6.  Just Give me a Reason, Pink song
7.  Yeah 3x, Chris Brown...Dance
8.  New York State of Mind, Billy Joel
9.  We found Love (in a hopeless place), Rihanna
10. Don't Stop Believing, Journey -- Rock Classic
11. Fly me to the Moon, Jazz Standard
12. Hava Nagila, Jewish Folk Song
13. Brazillian Song, Dance Song
14. This Girl is on Fire, Alicia Keyes
15. I Want You to Stay, Rihanna
16. Starships, Nicki Minaj

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(908)451-1955  or  (908)464-0038

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