Monday, April 22, 2013

I Shot The Sheriff, Reggae Steel, NJ Reggae Group, Calypso Music

Steel Drum Group for New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

Reggae Steel performs:  I Shot the Sheriff

I Shot the Sheriff, Reggae Steel

Imagine these guys playing at your party!

We love the sound of the steel drum at summer events.  Reggae Steel is the perfect choice for the cocktail hour at summer events or for those times when you simply need to hear the ultra cool sounds of Jamaica at your party.

Those of you planning a beach or a summer wedding should consider having this group at your cocktail hour.

This group is available as a trio(like you see here) or as a duo(bassist and steel drummer).  If you visit our Reggae Steel Playlist, you will be able to see the group as a duo or trio.

This is the link to the playlist:

To book Reggae Steel, contact us at:

(908) 464-0038 or  (908) 451-1955

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