Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Saturday Night and I ain't got...Margaritaville Time HD

Margaritaville Time Band plays on the East Coast!


It's always Margarita time with our Jimmy Buffett tribute band!

In this video clip the band is playing Saturday Night.  The audience also gets into the act; those not dancing are singing along with the band.

These are the guys that will make your summer event truly a memorable one; whether you're planning a picnic, graduation, birthday party...our Margarita Time Band plays songs that everybody knows.  Even those picky teens will enjoy singing along with this group.

Yep, it's always five o'clock somewhere...so grab that blender...the salt shaker...the tequila...and get ready to have a fabulous time when these guys take the stage!

Video-clip taped live at Fager's Island, Ocean City, Maryland.

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